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Fri Dec 30, 2016 18:10

I've been dropping by every once in a while recently to see if there have been any responses. Yours is the first in nearly 6 minths. Have you kept up with anybody else from the old days? To be honest, I've forgotten 90% of the names of people. I keep thinking about going back through the history here to jog my memory, but that seems like a lot of clicking....

  • RE:Gandalf, Thu Dec 29 17:41
    I drop by every now and then to see if anything interesting was posted, but like you I don't think about it for years. I pulled away from Brooks's books about the same time you did. I felt he was... more
    • BooksPanamon, Mon Feb 20 23:15
      Reading the Heritage trilogy again after a few years. Never did read much after that.
    • Re — Menion, Fri Dec 30 18:10
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