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20 year reunion?
Mon Feb 20, 2017 23:11


Yeah that might be fun actually. Get the old gang together.

I'm well, living in WA, married no kids (yet) and am a librarian by trade. Not much else going on. Still working on my first novel I've been writing for years haha. How's things on your end?

  • Re: HidehoMenion, Tue Jan 31 17:26
    Hey, Pan, what's up? What are you up to these days? I feel I should start a "20(ish) years later" thread to see what we are all up to now. Also, does anybody keep up with anybody else? I have a... more
    • 20 year reunion? — Panamon, Mon Feb 20 23:11
      • Re: 20 year reunion?Menion, Sun Feb 26 19:13
        It's interesting how many librarians I know.... Especially since the barrier to entry is relatively high (Master's degree). Im working at NASA (Houston) now. Have been for about 7 years. Wife, three... more
      • Oh andPanamon, Mon Feb 20 23:13
        Haven't really talked to anyone from here or PBK in years.
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