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Sat Sep 8, 2007 3:28am (XFF:

I have a bellinky linker and could copy the instructions for you. just let me know if you still want them>

  • manualAnonymous, Thu Oct 9 9:47pm
    does anyone have the manual for the Knitking Bellinky Linker that would sell me or make me a copy?i will pay for it.thanks,charlotte
    • Bellinky — Anonymous, Sat Sep 8 3:28am
      • manual or intructionsBeverley Card, Wed Apr 20 11:03pm
        I think the instructions would explain enough so I could use my baby linker Please send to:
        • Baby LinkerBeverley Card, Fri Apr 22 9:40pm
          I'm looking for the manual also In my previous message: (I think the instructions would explain enough so I could use my baby linker Please send to: I was referring to... more
          • Re: Baby LinkerM. Fleuren, Sun Jul 20 8:14am
            Do you already have a manual? i've got one in English.
        • manualmessage board owner, Fri Apr 22 5:03pm
          Please also send a copy of the knitting manual to the message board moderator, at the address posted above. Thank you!
      • Baby LinkerBeverley Card, Sun Mar 6 11:49am
        Could you email me the instructions for The Baby Linker.
        • belinky manualJill, Sat Nov 5 10:43am
          online free manual at photobucket britlady52. She has put up many manuals for knitting machines and accessories, including the Belinky. Love britlady whomever she is, lol. If anyone does know where... more
          • Bellinky manual on photobucketCarla Coumans, Sun Nov 6 3:01am
            Hello Jill, Thank you very much for you information. Now I can finally try my machine! Carla The Netherlands
      • Bellinky manualCarla, Sat Dec 4 8:18am
        Hello Barbara, I just got Bellinky from someone yesterday, but no manual. I would love to have a copy of the instructions. I live in Europe, so if you could email them, I would be very, very happy.... more
        • Baby LinkerBeverley Card, Sun Mar 6 11:47am
          I just bought a Studio 700 Knitting machine; It came with a Baby Linker but no manual I would love to have one.
        • Bellinky needlesBoard Owner, Sun Dec 5 12:29pm
          We are looking for a source in North America for replacement needles for the Bellinky. Several customers need them. If anyone can help, please contact the Message Board Owners.
      • Manual BellinkyHenny Battermann, Sun Oct 10 6:02pm
        Good Evening, Sorry that I send you this e-mail from Holland, but I just bought an used Bellinky Linker but without a manual, I saw you have one, what I want to ask you is will you be so kind in... more
      • knit king manualkathy, Wed Sep 19 7:57pm
        I am looking for a 1950? manual for a knit king knitting machine.
    • Belinky manualBobbie, Fri Oct 10 11:59am
      HI! I do have both the technical manual on how to adjust. etc. as well as the regular manual (both photocopies of the originals). However, they are currently at my dad's so he can adjust my machine.... more
      • Bellinky Linker Manualmarian Morris, Mon Jan 24 2:02am
        Hi I have just bought a Bellinky but no manual. Could you possibly send me a copy of the two you have. I live in Ireland. I will pay you for copy, package & shipping cost. Also do you have any spare... more
      • Bellinky linkerBernadette, Sun Oct 4 9:24am
        Hi,I wonder if you can let me have a copy of any info on the Bellinky linker I have just being giving one for the knitting club I would gladly pay for copys and postage Thanking you in... more
        • Bellinky LinkerMichelle Bryant, Wed Mar 27 1:02pm
          I would love a copy of the manual and also like to find out where I can buy parts. I am missing the piece with teeth.
          • Bellinky manualSusan Ahrens, Thu Oct 3 12:08pm
            Hi Michelle! I could email it to you; it is in an Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). Unsure of your location, but we have one in our local store, that looks complete with the teeth comb. We are in Buellton, ... more
            • Bellinky manualmessage board moderator, Sat Oct 5 11:14am
              Hi Susan, please send a copy of the Bellinky manual to rhfarm (at) Thank you!
              • BelinkySusan Ahrens, Sat Oct 5 7:44pm
                Hi Carole, I sent the manual to Have a great day! Susan
      • knitking belinkypam j, Wed Aug 26 11:03pm
        Hi If you still have a copy of the manual or any info about this device, I'd love to see it. I was just given it, and i have no idea how to set it up or what it does. please email me... more
      • knitking belinkypam j, Wed Aug 26 11:02pm
        Hi If you still have a copy of the manual or any info about this device, I'd love to see it. I was just given it, and i have no idea how to set it up or what it does. thanks pam
        • Knitking BellinkyCarolyn, Sat Jan 22 10:35am
          I'm a little late getting to this, but I also have a Bellinky with no manual. Did you find one? Thanks. Carolyn
      • Belinkynorm, Sat Feb 21 12:20pm
        Good Morning; do you have the manuals for the Belinky linker yet. Curious haven't heard a word, since October. Thank you Norm
      • BelinkyNorm, Tue Oct 14 11:59am
        Good Morning; May I have copies of the linker manuals. It would be a life saver for us. What is the cost? Thank you Norm
        • BelinkyBobbie, Thu Oct 16 3:03pm
          Hi! I'm afraid I don't know exactly when I will get my linker back. I did call my dad and ask for a rush. I would be happy to help with manuals once I have them back in my hands!
          • BelinkyNorm, Thu Oct 16 4:01pm
            Good Morning; Thank you for the reply.Will keep watch. Norm
      • manualcharlotte, Fri Oct 10 8:38pm
        Bobbie,let me knowwhen you get them back and how much i owe you.i am so glad to find someone that has them.can you tell me what holds the knitting on the machine?i think i am missing a... more
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