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Preemie patterns in Autumn 2010 issue of Rocking Horse News
Wed Oct 6, 2010 5:52pm

Issue #61 of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS is now available. It contains patterns for Preemie Hats, Preemie Booties and a Preemie Cardigan for all standard knitting machines. These items are excellent for charity knitting, hospitals appreciate receiving these for Preemie babies.

Also in this issue are new knitting book announcements, and a special offer for paid subscribers to receive $10 off their order for Fiber World #19 book.

Single issue price is $3.95, or subscribe for $8.95/year and receive 4 quarterly issues in your mailbox (US addresses).

Contact this bulletin board owner to order (contact information printed on the board page, near the top).

The ROCKING HORSE NEWS is available in print form only, not online.

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