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Edie Hardt
Regina Princess A181 Manual
Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:48pm

I, too, am looking for the anual for this vintage knitting machine.

  • Regina A181 manualMaGagz, Mon May 16 2:25pm
    I'm looking for the exact same manual. The vintage I believe is the early 1950's.
    • the lost manualJennifer, Sun Apr 29 1:55am
      Hi, Today my husband and I went to our first storage auction, and we won one of the units. Inside we found the actually Regina Princess knitting machine, it had a plastic piece included, AND it had... more
      • ReginaPrincess ManualPetra Maxwell, Thu May 31 10:10pm
        Hi Just came across your offer for a copy of the Regina Princess Manual.I'd love to get a copy one from you (emailed if possible) and would pay you $ 20.00 via Paypal. My PayPal email address is... more
      • Regina Princess machineBoard Owner, Mon Apr 30 2:22pm
        You will find more information about the Regina Princess here: Jason at Carole's Country Knits/Rocking Horse Farm (Board Owner)
    • Regina Princess A181 Manual — Edie Hardt, Mon Oct 24 6:48pm
      • ReginaMaria, Sat Oct 20 10:07am
        Hi everyone! Im looking for a manual for a vintage Regina. I guess its an older one (before Princess). Please let me know if you have some manual. /Maria
      • Regina Princess A181 manualMagagz, Mon Oct 24 10:42pm
        I was able to get a copy and scanned it. Pages aren't in order, but if you send me your email address, I could send you a PDF file of it.
        • Princess a181 manualErika Smith, Tue Jul 3 3:56pm
          Hello! I just received a Regina Princess A181 from my aunt. Would you be available to email a PDF of your manual? I would greatly appreciate it so that I can learn this awesome craft!! Thank you!... more
          • Regina Magagz, Tue Jul 3 4:10pm
            I've sent it to your email.
        • Regina Princess ManualPetra Maxwell, Thu May 31 10:13pm
          Hi I seem to remember getting a copy from you but can't locate it now.Can you email me another? I'd pay you via PayPal and my email address Let me know if you have other spare... more
          • Regina bookletMagagz, Thu May 31 10:37pm
            Petra, The booklet was given to me free, so I'd be happy to send it to you for no charge. Sorry, no extra parts. Mary
            • Regina Princess ManualPetra Maxwell, Fri Jun 1 9:56am
              Thanks so much! I'd love to have the original, but I just got an emailed version from Mary, so no need to mail it to me, unless you don't mind. If you do mail it, my address is : Petra Maxwell 17406... more
              • Regina bookMagagz (Mary), Fri Jun 1 10:13am
                Ha ha, it was me, Mary, that mailed it to you. Enjoy!
                • Regina manualPetra Maxwell, Fri Jun 1 10:23am
                  That shows how forgetful I'm getting! Thanks Mary! P
        • Regina Princess A181 manualAnonymous, Tue Oct 25 3:36pm
          Hi Magagz My wife has been searching for this for an age !! PLEEEEase, we would be so grateful for a copy if you would be so kind Many many thanks Sam
        • Manual for Regina Princess Knitting Machineedith hardt, Mon Oct 24 11:13pm
          I would so greatly appreciate this. THANK YOU!!
          • ManualMagagz, Tue Oct 25 9:14am
            You need to send me your email address.
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