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the lost manual
Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:55am

Today my husband and I went to our first storage auction, and we won one of the units. Inside we found the actually Regina Princess knitting machine, it had a plastic piece included, AND it had an original manual with it. Its in great shape (everything) but appears quite old. Wewould be happy to copy the manual for you, but we were wondering if you or anyone else might know the value of these pieces? Hope to hear from you!

  • Regina A181 manualMaGagz, Mon May 16 2:25pm
    I'm looking for the exact same manual. The vintage I believe is the early 1950's.
    • the lost manual — Jennifer, Sun Apr 29 1:55am
      • ReginaPrincess ManualPetra Maxwell, Thu May 31 10:10pm
        Hi Just came across your offer for a copy of the Regina Princess Manual.I'd love to get a copy one from you (emailed if possible) and would pay you $ 20.00 via Paypal. My PayPal email address is... more
      • Regina Princess machineBoard Owner, Mon Apr 30 2:22pm
        You will find more information about the Regina Princess here: Jason at Carole's Country Knits/Rocking Horse Farm (Board Owner)
    • Regina Princess A181 ManualEdie Hardt, Mon Oct 24 6:48pm
      I, too, am looking for the anual for this vintage knitting machine.
      • ReginaMaria, Sat Oct 20 10:07am
        Hi everyone! Im looking for a manual for a vintage Regina. I guess its an older one (before Princess). Please let me know if you have some manual. /Maria
      • Regina Princess A181 manualMagagz, Mon Oct 24 10:42pm
        I was able to get a copy and scanned it. Pages aren't in order, but if you send me your email address, I could send you a PDF file of it.
        • Princess a181 manualErika Smith, Tue Jul 3 3:56pm
          Hello! I just received a Regina Princess A181 from my aunt. Would you be available to email a PDF of your manual? I would greatly appreciate it so that I can learn this awesome craft!! Thank you!... more
          • Regina Magagz, Tue Jul 3 4:10pm
            I've sent it to your email.
        • Regina Princess ManualPetra Maxwell, Thu May 31 10:13pm
          Hi I seem to remember getting a copy from you but can't locate it now.Can you email me another? I'd pay you via PayPal and my email address Let me know if you have other spare... more
          • Regina bookletMagagz, Thu May 31 10:37pm
            Petra, The booklet was given to me free, so I'd be happy to send it to you for no charge. Sorry, no extra parts. Mary
            • Regina Princess ManualPetra Maxwell, Fri Jun 1 9:56am
              Thanks so much! I'd love to have the original, but I just got an emailed version from Mary, so no need to mail it to me, unless you don't mind. If you do mail it, my address is : Petra Maxwell 17406... more
              • Regina bookMagagz (Mary), Fri Jun 1 10:13am
                Ha ha, it was me, Mary, that mailed it to you. Enjoy!
                • Regina manualPetra Maxwell, Fri Jun 1 10:23am
                  That shows how forgetful I'm getting! Thanks Mary! P
        • Regina Princess A181 manualAnonymous, Tue Oct 25 3:36pm
          Hi Magagz My wife has been searching for this for an age !! PLEEEEase, we would be so grateful for a copy if you would be so kind Many many thanks Sam
        • Manual for Regina Princess Knitting Machineedith hardt, Mon Oct 24 11:13pm
          I would so greatly appreciate this. THANK YOU!!
          • ManualMagagz, Tue Oct 25 9:14am
            You need to send me your email address.
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