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Replacement needle
Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:19pm

Hi I have Knitking Bellinky linker and need a replacement needle. Does anyone know where I can find one. The style or model is Organ 22. It is a straight needle similar to a sewing machine needle except the tip is bent. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    • still looking for Belinky needlesRocking Horse Farm (board owner), Wed Jan 16 11:36am
      Hello, we've had customers looking for Belinky needles for several years. There have been other postings on this message board about them. We have contacted suppliers on both US coasts, Canada,... more
      • bellinky linker needlesMary, Tue Jan 22 7:18pm
        If Organ made the needle for the Bellinky Knitking linker, why did they stop making them? Bent tip hand sewing needles are made, so why not make the Organ 22? Has anyone made contact with the Organ... more
        • Re: bellinky linker needlesAnonymous, Thu Oct 5 8:25pm
          Go to abc sewing. They have the organ. Orange 140/22 they are the corect needles. Just received mine 10 for $3.65
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