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Rocking Horse Farm - board owner
contest for machine knitters
Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:11pm


This contest is held in conjunction with Carole Wurst's annual SEPTEMBER SEMINAR but you don't have to attend to participate, mailed entries are accepted.

Contest is open for any knits created in 2013 that fit the theme "Everything Old is New Again." Entries can be mailed to Rocking Horse Farm or brought to SEPTEMBER SEMINAR, Sept. 20-21.


(1) Best use of vintage pattern

(2) Best use of vintage or unraveled yarn

(3) Best method of updating a vintage garment (example: adding a new collar or pocket)

(4) Any other topic that fits the theme (provide an explanation)

(5) Special Category: use DesignaKnit software to create a new Fairisle motif showing an antique or vintage item (example: an antique spinning wheel) Submit a Fairisle swatch or a printed picture of the DAK file. Entries made with a punchcard will also be accepted.

Items must be clean and ready for display. All items will be on display September 20-21 during the September Seminar. Winners will be announced on Saturday during the seminar.

All items will be judged by Knitting Machine professionals and prizes will be awarded. Prizes include gift certificates and items of interest to machine knitters. All entries will receive a certificate of participation.


Registration Form for Mailed Entries
Mailed entries must arrive by September 14, 2013. Please determine the cost to ship your item to Rocking Horse Farm and submit that amount to cover return shipping (plus insurance) of your item.

Rocking Horse farm is not responsible for lost or mishandled items.

Payment can be submitted using personal check or (to

------------------ Clip and Send with entry ---------------------




___(1) Vintage Pattern
___(2) Vintage Yarn
___(3) Updated Garment
___(4) Any Other (provide brief explanation)
___(5) DAK file creation

Please list any information that would be of interest to the judge (limit 40 words).

Please make payment payable to Carole Wurst
Send to: Rocking Horse Farm, 25636 County Road 74, Saint Cloud, Minnesota 56301-9293

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