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turmix unic manual
Tue Jun 6, 2017 8:40am

hi i have a turmix unic is there any chance that you may have a munual for it

  • Turmix unic instruction manualSiri Hildonen, Tue Aug 27 12:40am
    Hi! have tou still got the instruction manual for the turmix unic? I recently got one, and would like to try it. regards Siri Hildonen
    • turmix unic manual — Kathy, Tue Jun 6 8:40am
    • intruction manualPeter Schmidt, Mon Mar 21 11:01am
      Hi, I have a frind who has obtained a Turmix Unic knitting machine without the manual, I'm trying to help her out, will you still send then in PD? It will verry much apriciared. With kind regards, P. ... more
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