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Paula R. Buist
Genie kh-710 manual
Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:43pm

Hi, Myself and another lady would be interested in a copy of your manual as we both have the same model. I can pay for printing and shipping.

Paula Buist

  • Genie KH-710Sandy, Mon Feb 1 12:57pm
    Just found my manual. Now I'm back in business. Thanks, Sandy
    • Genie kh-710 manual — Paula R. Buist, Thu Sep 14 2:43pm
    • Genie 710 manualKarin N, Mon Jan 28 12:42am
      Hi Sandy, I was given a Genie 710 machine from a family member. It's been decades since she last used the machine and she doesn't remember how it works. We've searched everywhere but can't find the... more
    • Re: Genie KH-710Anonymous, Sat Jul 16 9:43am
      Sandy, I oust was given a Genie KH-710 knitting machine without a manual. Would it be possible to buy a copy of your manual? Thanks. Joy
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