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Re: Turmix Manual in English
Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:32pm

Do u have the Manuel turmeric unic knitting machine could I buy a copy thank you Gail

  • Turmix Manual in EnglishMax Thames, Tue Oct 18 3:55pm
    I have the manual in English, which I scanned and converted into a pdf file. If you'd like it, I'd be glad to send it to you....
    • manual Turmix unicAnonymous, Thu Jun 13 5:12am
      Do you have the manual knittingmachine Turmix Unic? Could you send it me please to email ? Thank you. Rob Suurmond,the Netherlands
    • Turmix Unic ManualTony L, Mon Mar 12 8:07pm
      Hello. Do you still have the PDF English manual for the Turmix Unic? I would very much appreciate a copy of it. Thank you.
    • Re: Turmix Manual in English — Anonymous, Tue Jan 16 2:32pm
    • turmix unic manualKathy, Tue Jun 6 9:10am
      hi I got a turmix unic machine and have NO IDEA how it works or how to clean it ... are there any manuals avaiable thanks Kathy
    • Turmix Unic ManualDiana, Sun Apr 30 2:09am
      Hi, I just found a Turmix Unic which seems to have undergone some past trauma. It survived with some battle scars and 3/4 of a dilapidated manual... Any chance you could send me your PDF? Thanks!!... more
    • Turmix ManualMary Jo, Thu Feb 25 7:54pm
      Hi, I realize this is a a longshot since the listing is quite old but do you still have the manual for the Turmix? If you do would it be possibleto get a copy of it from you? I have one & though it... more
    • Turmix ManualMary Jo, Thu Feb 25 7:52pm
      Hi, I realize this is a a longshot since the listing is quite old but do you still have the manual for the Turmix? If you do would it since the listing is quite old but do you still have the manual... more
    • user manual Turmix UnicErika Hansen, Wed Nov 5 7:29am
      Hey. I have for a whilw, tryed to find the user maual for the Turmix Unic knitting machine, and Wonder if you still have the pdf file for this?? If you do, could you please,please email it to me??... more
    • Turmix Unic manualRichard, Fri Oct 24 4:38pm
      I am interested in obtaining the manual for a Turmix Unic knitting machine. Thank you. Richard
    • ISO Turmix Manual Virginia, Sun Mar 2 12:25pm
      Hello Max, I just aquired this lovely machine from Craigslist the other day and didn't come with a manual! If I could possibly please please please ask you for a pdf copy of it? Thank you so much!... more
    • manual for Turmix Unicaflynch57, Fri Feb 21 7:14am
      Hello, I have been directed here to obtain a PDF file for the English manual for the Turmix Unic. Do you still have the file? I have the opportunity to buy a machine that is pretty much brand new... more
    • Turmix unic instruction manualSiri Hildonen, Tue Aug 27 12:40am
      Hi! have tou still got the instruction manual for the turmix unic? I recently got one, and would like to try it. regards Siri Hildonen
      • turmix unic manualKathy, Tue Jun 6 8:40am
        hi i have a turmix unic is there any chance that you may have a munual for it
      • intruction manualPeter Schmidt, Mon Mar 21 11:01am
        Hi, I have a frind who has obtained a Turmix Unic knitting machine without the manual, I'm trying to help her out, will you still send then in PD? It will verry much apriciared. With kind regards, P. ... more
    • turmix knitting machine directionsIris Tynan, Fri Jul 26 8:26am
      Do you still have the instructions for the turmix knitting machine? If so, would it be posible to get a copy of them?
    • turmix hand knitting machine instructionsIris Tynan, Sat Jul 20 8:50am
      I recently aquired a turmix knitting machine but it didn't have any instrctions to gowith it. Do you still have instructions available? I would love to gethtem if possible.
      • turmix hand knitting machineIris Tynan, Fri Jul 26 8:18am
        I have recently aquired a turmix hand knitting machine but itdoesn't have any instructions. Is there any place I can get a copy of these?
    • Turmix unic manualMali Dionísio, Wed Jun 12 4:32pm
      Hello I liked having the manual in PDF Turmix unic. Can you send me?
    • Turmix unic manualMali Dionísio, Wed Jun 12 4:30pm
      Hello I liked having the manual in PDF Turmix unic. You can send me?
    • Re: Turmix Manual in EnglishJudy, Fri Jan 4 3:40pm
      Can you please send me the pdf manual for the Turmix? I just found one at the Goodwill but I don't have a clue of where to begin. Thank you.
    • Turmix manualMark, Tue Mar 13 11:18pm
      Hey Max, can you send me the turmix unic manual, thanks a lot
    • Turmix manual for fileboard moderator, Wed Oct 19 7:36pm
      It would be nice to have a copy of this manual in our filem for people who write to us in the future. We are the moderators of this board and people often ask us for info about manuals. We have... more
      • Turmix Unic ManualMarion, Fri Oct 23 3:11pm
        Hello, I was wondering if you got the manual for the Turmix Unic and can send it to me? I was so lucky to find one today, but as I don't have any esperience with knitting machine I really do need a... more
        • turmix manualboard owner, Fri Oct 23 8:20pm
          We did not receive the Turmix Unic manual. Sorry! Keep trying the Yahoo Group called All Time Vintage Knitting Machines and see if it can be found at that site.
    • knitting machine manualAl, Tue Oct 18 4:01pm
      Wow, it has been so long that I had forgotten about my post here. If you could scan and send me a copy it would be great. The machine has been sitting in our basement all these years. I can't wait to ... more
      • Tumurix unicKnitting manual, Wed Jan 17 8:00am
        Do u still have the knitting machine thanks
        • Re: Tumurix unicAl, Wed Jan 17 12:07pm
          I believe I have it in the basement somewhere, buried under other knitting machines.
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