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Empisal mini knitting machine
Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:07am (XFF:

I bought a Hand-E-Knit portable knitting amchine and couldn't figure it out either because the needles are stationary. At the knittingmachines group on I found out it's very like the Empisal mini. I finally got it to work last night by ewrapping the needles, pushing the ewrap behind the latches, making sure all the latches are open, laying the yarn in the open latches, and then running the carriage over that. It knitted! Then you lay the yarn in the latches again, run the carriage over it the other way. You do need some weight on it and you do need to make sure the stitch is pulled down over the needle after the carriage run.

I found sport weight yarn did not work well but I had some crochet cotton thread that did work. My needles are very tiny and I am used to the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine which knits regular yarn.

I wish I knew what gauge it was so I could buy some transfer tools.

  • empisal mini knitting machineJeanHarris, Sun May 1 8:55pm
    I just bought a mini knitting machine too. Have you found out any info. about your machine? Stationary needles seem odd. Do you mean they don't move at all? I'd love to post and compare info on our... more
    • Empisal mini knitting machine — Jamie Yates, Fri Jun 17 1:07am
      • Hand-E-KnitLiz, Fri Nov 9 7:39am
        Jamie- What has your experience been with your Hand-E-Knit machine? I have one also-but no instructions on use or maintenance. Thank you!
      • Empisal Instant Knitting Machineschiersknits, Wed Oct 13 11:25am
        I just bought an Empisal Instant Knitting Machine. It didn't come with a manual though. Does anyone have a manual that I can have a copy of or buy a copy of from you?
      • Just boughtschiersknits, Tue Oct 5 3:03pm
        I just bought a Empisal Knitting Machine and it doesn't have a manual. So, I am just looking at where I can get this.
      • Knitting Machine GaugeCyber-Grail, Thu Mar 19 1:45pm
        The "gauge" of the machine refers to the number of needles in one inch. Hope this helps even though your post is 4 years old.
      • Hand-E-KnitJean-in-mass, Fri Jun 17 7:59am
        I'd love to see this machine if you have photo capability. Count your needles per inch. Let me know what you get. I happen to love inventing. I'm working on making a working knitting machine only 6... more
        • Re: Hand-E-KnitJamie Yates, Fri Jun 17 11:36am
          I have pictures of the Hand-E-Knit at I will run up and count the needles per inch right now. I'm not very proficient yet at the hand-e-knit. I... more
          • Hand-E-KnitJoanna Silva, Tue Sep 5 1:03pm
            I just got this old knitting machine and found this dialogue on google. I'd love some info about this machine. Thanks, Joanna
          • KnitterJean, Sat Jun 18 1:27am
            Hi Jamie, I have a bad right elbow too. ggg As I learn more, we might want to post privately for speed. I will show you as I go how to make more advanced items. Your machine is very like mine. Do I... more
            • How do you work the empisal machine please?trudy, Mon Nov 16 4:26am
              I started two days ago to knit with a singer 321 punchcard model, so I thought it would be the same. Got the empisal machine today and it keeps on dropping off.. I don't have the manuel, would you... more
              • Impisal 321paddyred, Fri Dec 7 10:07pm
                Hi Trudy,any luck on the manual? I am also looking for a copy of the instructions, basics!! I have the book for startig the ribber, but don't have a clue on how to just jolly well knit, and cards!!So ... more
                • empisal knitting machineTrudy, Sat Dec 8 11:28pm
                  Hi, I can't remember exactly as I've not been knitting on it for ages, but I think I did get it working, and the buttons were for pattern selections. you pressed the orange button to reset, from... more
                  • empisalpaddyred, Sun Dec 9 3:25am
                    Hi Trudy, thanks for the info and prompt reply, I discovered the carriage wasn't on properly, a few needles bent so not catching, but have finessed the instructions for ribbing etc to figure out how... more
                    • hi paddyredTrudy, Mon Dec 10 7:30pm
                      I know, it is a pita to take the needles out. You aren't missing anything, it's just a pain. good luck
            • Rust and stuffJamie Yates, Sun Jun 19 7:30am
              I am pretty sure that's rust in the picture. I'm loading the picture now so I can see what you mean. I sprayed it with silicone spray that I use on my Bond and it was so cool. I mean I could move the ... more
              • knittersjean, Sun Jun 19 9:33pm
                Too funny Jamie, I was going to bid on an old knitking but didn't get there in the end. Wonder if it's the same one. Did it show no handle? I have one similar from about the 50s. It is older than the ... more
                • picturesJamie Yates, Tue Jun 28 9:22am
                  I don't think you can post pictures here but if you email them to me I can upload them to my website and give you a link you can give to others The Knitking I bought on ebay did have a handle. It was ... more
    • Re: empisal mini knitting machineAnonymous, Fri Jun 3 4:32pm
      Sorry to have taken so long to respond to you. I have been off line. The Empisal mini knitter is fun to use but takes longer as you have to manually do things since the needles do not move. Delpha
      • Mini knitterDelpha, Wed Jun 29 6:28pm
        Hi, I was having trouble with my computer when I last wrote and the computer did not let me leave my name. I know that sounds weird. I have a Empisal Mini Schnell Stricker. 60 needles that do not... more
        • Empisal mini schnell knitting machineDorann, Mon Jun 11 3:04pm
          Hi: I also have that machine and have never been able to make it work. I have taken it out again and now I can't find the instructions. Do you know where I can get instructions?
        • Socks on needles that don't moveJamie Yates, Thu Jun 30 5:17am
          How did you make socks? I don't know if I am ready for anything as nice as socks! I have that Hand-E-Knit which has 160 needles which don't move. I finally figured it out enough to make a 30x30... more
          • socksDelpha, Thu Jun 30 7:15am
            Jamie, To knit socks you knit one side of the sock placing bobbie pins/hair pins on the end of every row., when you get to the toe to work the toe and then you start knitting the sock again you place ... more
            • socks & bobby pinsJamie Yates, Fri Jul 1 4:15am
              now that's interesting I'm still a new machine knitter (and never hand knit). I think I will play with knitting machines today instead of the sewing machine. The sewing machine and I really had it... more
              • bobby pinsDelpha, Fri Jul 1 5:49pm
                When using the bobby pins be extra diligent as it is so easy to forget to put the bobby pin in place and so hard to put it in later. As you keep knitting the knitted fabric curles inward and the pins ... more
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