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I guess weird stuff like this happens to old websites...
Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:00pm

I guess when stuff has been floating around the web forever strange things become "fact".

Like NEC is actually an abbreviation for Nukem Enterprises Calculator. (I mean it is... but... who cares?)

    • Web Scraping indiscriminately...Puckdropper, Tue Feb 14 12:06am
      Who knows how popular NE Calculator is. Can you write a Windows Phone 8 calculator that doesn't really suck? NEC for Windows Phone 8, the platform Microsoft stupidly abandoned! (Seriously, we need to ... more
      • What would be great is...Erik, Tue Feb 14 2:47am
        If there's a company out there that hastily looked for a 16-bit DOS calculator application to fit into a legacy "mouse trap" solution that their business runs on that some how found the NEC and... more
        • I was right about that addition bug!!!Erik, Sun Feb 26 7:33pm
          Check it out: Bug exists in 1.0 as well. For some reason it only happens on some numbers. This is fantasitic. :)
          • It's not a bug... sorry.Puckdropper, Mon Mar 6 3:53am
            It's just a case of floating point math. I got the same answer from a floating point calculator I found online. Windows Calculator might actually give you the same result if you've got Windows 3.1... more
            • So after seeing your post I dug further into it thinking that the Win 3.1 calculator would give the wrong answer as well. It does not. I guess they had fixed it by then. I also tried "1 / 3 * 3" and... more
        • source? Yeah, knowing how those things go, NE Calculator will have a little bug in it (blame the Pentium I, it's a floating point error) and they can't unwire it because it will mean all the... more
          • Looks like just my old email address...Erik, Thu Feb 23 1:07am
            Which unfortunately is the same as my current email address just at a different domain name. So yeah, it's tagged with "shamrice". They'll find their way here if they need to. :) I was actually okay... more
            • Maybe that was it, no Youtube AppPuckdropper, Sat Feb 25 4:40am
              What probably did them in was no "Zelda" class app. Oh, they tried Office (it's great to have a version of office on the phone, even if I do have a spreadsheet that makes it cry), but the honest... more
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