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What would be great is...
Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:47am

If there's a company out there that hastily looked for a 16-bit DOS calculator application to fit into a legacy "mouse trap" solution that their business runs on that some how found the NEC and implemented it.

Gory example:
* Antique Dbase script outputs manufacturing numbers to a text file everyday for monthly reports. No one knows how it works anymore. It "just does" and has for 30 years.
* Text file is parsed and passed as parameters to NEC.
* NEC output is streamed to another text file with the result, which is further parsed by another "hack" script.
* NEC can't be removed from equation because there's (probably) a bug with the integer or floating point arithmetic that makes it unique and non-replaceable. Not to mention this "output script" server for Dbase is a yellowed and tired 286 running IBM DOS 3.x with an uptime of "whatever" since the mid 1980s.

15+ years later, this solution is still in production. (Unfortunately, this inspired by actual work experiences...)

On topic, I actually sort of liked the Windows phone. I didn't get one because by the time I got a smart phone they were already being phased out.

When you said we need to buy "WP and keep developing it" I read that as "Word Perfect" and was like "Okay... but why...?" ...and then the scenario above came to mind.

  • Web Scraping indiscriminately...Puckdropper, Tue Feb 14 12:06am
    Who knows how popular NE Calculator is. Can you write a Windows Phone 8 calculator that doesn't really suck? NEC for Windows Phone 8, the platform Microsoft stupidly abandoned! (Seriously, we need to ... more
    • What would be great is... ☻ Erik, Tue Feb 14 2:47am
      • I was right about that addition bug!!!Erik, Sun Feb 26 7:33pm
        Check it out: Bug exists in 1.0 as well. For some reason it only happens on some numbers. This is fantasitic. :)
        • It's not a bug... sorry.Puckdropper, Mon Mar 6 3:53am
          It's just a case of floating point math. I got the same answer from a floating point calculator I found online. Windows Calculator might actually give you the same result if you've got Windows 3.1... more
          • So after seeing your post I dug further into it thinking that the Win 3.1 calculator would give the wrong answer as well. It does not. I guess they had fixed it by then. I also tried "1 / 3 * 3" and... more
      • source? Yeah, knowing how those things go, NE Calculator will have a little bug in it (blame the Pentium I, it's a floating point error) and they can't unwire it because it will mean all the... more
        • Looks like just my old email address...Erik, Thu Feb 23 1:07am
          Which unfortunately is the same as my current email address just at a different domain name. So yeah, it's tagged with "shamrice". They'll find their way here if they need to. :) I was actually okay... more
          • Maybe that was it, no Youtube AppPuckdropper, Sat Feb 25 4:40am
            What probably did them in was no "Zelda" class app. Oh, they tried Office (it's great to have a version of office on the phone, even if I do have a spreadsheet that makes it cry), but the honest... more
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