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Looks like just my old email address...
Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:07am

Which unfortunately is the same as my current email address just at a different domain name. So yeah, it's tagged with "shamrice". They'll find their way here if they need to. :)

I was actually okay with how the Windows phone's functioned. I thought the tile system worked well on a phone and the ones I've used ran fine. I know three people who owned them and all loved them. I think the lack of app support and people already polarizing between iOS and Android were what really did it in.

I seem to remember the MS phones specifically having a terrible YouTube app that was basically just a web browser wrapper after the full functioning app was blocked by Google.

Found some links:

  • source? Yeah, knowing how those things go, NE Calculator will have a little bug in it (blame the Pentium I, it's a floating point error) and they can't unwire it because it will mean all the... more
    • Looks like just my old email address... ☻ Erik, Thu Feb 23 1:07am
      • Maybe that was it, no Youtube AppPuckdropper, Sat Feb 25 4:40am
        What probably did them in was no "Zelda" class app. Oh, they tried Office (it's great to have a version of office on the phone, even if I do have a spreadsheet that makes it cry), but the honest... more
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