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Maybe that was it, no Youtube App
Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:40am

What probably did them in was no "Zelda" class app. Oh, they tried Office (it's great to have a version of office on the phone, even if I do have a spreadsheet that makes it cry), but the honest truth is it's gotta be like an addicting game.

Maybe what they should have done was given app developers a little more cash, and incentivized really good apps. The more downloads you get, the more money you get, with bonuses at certain levels. At 100 downloads, you get a $10 coupon for something, at 10,000 you get a certificate and maybe some cold hard cash. At 1 million, the certificate, a little trophy, and lots more cold hard cash.

We were willing to be patient and wait for Microsoft to squish some of the niggling bugs, but the problem really is Microsoft doesn't know what they're doing any more. The new guy is going "service" and "app!" and "all your data are belong to us!" instead of "It's your computer, we just provide the software that makes it useful."

  • Looks like just my old email address...Erik, Thu Feb 23 1:07am
    Which unfortunately is the same as my current email address just at a different domain name. So yeah, it's tagged with "shamrice". They'll find their way here if they need to. :) I was actually okay... more
    • Maybe that was it, no Youtube App ☻ Puckdropper, Sat Feb 25 4:40am
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