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Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:16am

I found out HTML has a function that lets you draw much like QB did. It's not as well thought out, as you can't just put a point somewhere; instead you draw a 1x1 rectangle.

You've got to use a scripting language (I.E. JavaScript) to use it, but it had no problems at all with WRY's dotted background.

Is it just me, or does the C-style for loop declaration SUCK?
FOR GameTimer = 1 TO 1000 STEP 1
for(GameTimer=1; GameTimer<1000; GameTimer++)

I added the optional STEP 1 in there, just so we're comparing Red Apples to Red Apples. BASIC understood the FOR loop, K&R didn't.

    • I actually like the C style "for" loops.Erik, Fri May 26 2:14am
      I think it's more that I like that everything is scoped in curly brackets instead of needing a custom footer. ("next i%", "end if", etc) You know what would be an interesting project? Creating a QB... more
      • Interesting...Puckdropper, Fri May 26 2:32pm
        Would you add the web 1.0 dynamic components like textareas?
        • I would think so eventually...Erik, Thu Jul 6 8:14am
          I guess to start it would make sense to just have it parse out basic html from an html file an display it. (br, b, u, i, a, ul, etc.) This actually could be a fun little project! (even if totally... more
          • I came to realizePuckdropper, Fri Jul 7 4:05am
            That doing this requires understanding both end points before you can do the middle. My Wry parser didn't make sense because I didn't know how I was going to present it to the browser. I'll have to... more
            • Do you plan on sharing the parser code?Erik_, Sun Aug 20 2:29am
              I'd be interested to see what it looks like and what it does. You've posted about it before and it sounds interesting.
              • Sure, why not?Puckdropper, Sun Aug 20 4:42pm
                It's a couple of classes, a helper file, and some pattern matching stuff. A couple levels of verbosity for trouble shooting. You can ignore the dostoy stuff, that was a failed experiment. I've sent... more
                • Got it!Erik_, Mon Aug 21 1:00pm
                  Thanks. Looks like I'll have to set up PHP to try it out... hmm... or maybe I'll just use my linux computer... I'll let you know if how it all turns out.
                  • Awesome! It works!Erik_, Mon Aug 21 1:14pm
                    Statistics for pass 2 Total Lines: 4986 Sub Declarations: 144 Blank Line: 596 Line Count: 4549 Unlabeled Line: 1 Sub Definitions: 143 Expanded multistatement lines: 987 Multistatement Line: 398 Lines ... more
                    • Some Excel graphs just for fun....Erik_, Mon Aug 21 1:35pm
                      These really paint a picture on how much of the source code sat inside of all those sub routines. (144 according to the parser) Graph isn't right now that I think about it as multistatement lines,... more
                      • Ah, CLS, LOCATE and COLOR are Graphics...Erik_, Mon Aug 21 1:43pm
                        that explains the large number of graphics statements. Ok, I need to stop replying to myself now.
                        • I've got to wonder what "professional" QB programsPuckdropper, Mon Aug 21 8:08pm
                          like Money, Gorillas and Nibbles would look like. The source should still parse, about all the source was doing was breaking it into bits so I could do something with it later.
                          • Just tried gorilla.bas...Erik_, Tue Aug 22 1:50am
                            It was parsed successfully. I don't think the functions are accounted for though so I'm not sure what extra effects that has besides missing from the counts. Here are the results: Statistics for pass ... more
                            • I remember thinking (but I guess I didn't document) that Erik doesn't [didn't] know what a function is, so I don't have to worry about it. Looks like I skipped a few of the key words, too. PLAY isn't ... more
                              • Hahaha! You would be absolutely correct!Erik_, Tue Aug 29 2:15am
                                Back when Wry came out I knew there were functions and subroutines but had no idea how to use functions. The parser program could actually be pretty awesome if the keywords were finished being mapped ... more
                                • That could be a pretty cool skewPuckdropper, Tue Aug 29 3:07am
                                  I was planning on just making wry run in a browser (I have to use JS, HTML CANVAS docs are like: specify the size and then use JS.) I thought about just going in there by hand and wasting a few days... more
                                  • That definitely is an interesting project and I dig it! I think Wry was actually one of the last files to get added to Pete's QB Site before it went mostly read only. If I would have submitted one... more
                                    • I wonder how far it'll actually getPuckdropper, Fri Sep 1 3:18am
                                      It could be pretty cool to load a well-behaved (as in one that doesn't PEEK and POKE memory) program and actually run it.
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