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Mrs. Ben's? (nm)
Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:07am

  • Who's is Uncle Ben anyways?Puckdropper, Wed Jun 7 5:12pm
    He's not my Uncle.
    • Mrs. Ben's? (nm) ☻ Retna, Mon Jun 12 12:07am
      • So his mom calls him her uncle?Puckdropper, Sun Jun 18 1:50pm
        I guess that's better than some marriage loops where he actually winds up being her uncle. I can hear the CPU fan kick on as the system tries to parse that n-ary tree!
        • Not necessarily!Retna, Sun Jun 18 9:57pm
          Uncle Ben may be Mrs. Ben's, but that doesn't mean he's her uncle. He's only Uncle to Niece Ben and Nephew Ben, the heirs to the most powerful rice business in history.
          • I hope Uncle Ben treats Niece and Nephew Ben wellPuckdropper, Mon Jun 19 6:14pm
            Otherwise they might sell his rice business out from under him and Shamrice, Inc, in a brilliant business move would purchase it and SC Johnson.
            • Who knows, maybe the Bens are doomed anyways?Retna, Tue Jun 20 12:56am
              Shamrice, Inc is run by very shrewd businessmen. They might have a plan to put the Bens out of business. If I were you I would buy Shamrice, Inc stock now while they're undervalued and sell when they ... more
              • I think Shamrice, Inc has an air conditioner now.Puckdropper, Tue Jun 20 10:17pm
                He doesn't use it a whole lot, so the stocks might inevitably get hot. Shamrice, Inc guys, I'll give you 200 Wind Waker rupees for each share!
                • * How many shares would you like?Shamrice Inc., Mon Jun 26 3:03pm
                  We do own an air condition, but you are correct we don't use it often.
                  • 42!Puckdropper, Tue Jul 4 2:42pm
                    That's 42 Factorial, not 42 exclamation mark. Gotta think big.
                    • You got it! 42! Shares for 200 WWRs.Shamrice Inc, Thu Jul 6 8:17am
                      Current market value of SHAM: $0.00000001/share
                      • What are WWRs?Retna, Sun Jul 9 11:27pm
                        I might be able to afford SHAM! I need to get while you guys are HOT. Contact me NOW.
                        • *Wind Waker Rupies (nm)Erik, Mon Jul 10 10:38am
                          • * In that case I'm broke.Retna, Tue Jul 18 7:39pm
                            No Shamrice for me
                          • OhPuckdropper, Tue Jul 11 12:53am
                            About the only thing they're good for is beautifying Windfall Island... and Tingle maps. It's probably the best game in the entire Zelda series, but I haven't played any really new ones that require... more
                            • I actually never played Wind Waker..Erik, Fri Jul 28 2:35am
                              I was turned off by graphics style when it came out. (Not sure why looking back, the cell shade look is pretty cool and I loved Jet Grind Radio...) I do the the same thing, I haven't played any of... more
                              • Same here, anymore.Puckdropper, Fri Jul 28 9:01am
                                I have a 3DS XL, but just can't be bothered to buy the new Nintendo Switch or the Wii U. Sure, I'd like to play new Mario platformer games, but they patronize you so much. It used to be a minor... more
                                • in games these days. I feel like most QTEs are over used to the point half the game feels like those old FMV games that were popular in the early-mid 90s. (I'm looking at you Resident Evil 6...) That ... more
                                  • I used to be about one console behindPuckdropper, Thu Aug 17 4:55pm
                                    in getting new ones. Usually the old one would come to about $20-25 and I could actually afford it. You know, that's not actually too bad of a place to be, especially for someone who doesn't have to... more
                                    • I feel like lately...Erik_, Sun Aug 20 2:27am
                                      the older consoles haven't really been dropping in price like they did back in the day. Xbox 360 came out in 2005 (was just discontinued in 2016) and is still fetching almost a $100 for a console. I... more
                                      • There's definitely a sweet spotPuckdropper, Sun Aug 20 4:32pm
                                        When the consoles are cheap because they're outdated. There's really not a XBOX360 replacement, is there? You hit a certain level of hardware and the differences just aren't as large. Wow, with this... more
                                        • Agreed. Also the companies seem to just be Erik_, Mon Aug 21 12:57pm
                                          churning out cookie cutter games using the same or similar game engines these days as well that doesn't help the situation. I can understand as with how complex new games are these days, building a... more
                        • I have no idea either...Puckdropper, Mon Jul 10 12:54am
                          But with such a well run company as Shamrice, Inc AKA Billa485, (hey I saw a Sublime T-shirt the other day) you'd be a fool not to send Erik all your money but 10%, and send me the 10% as a "finders... more
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