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Kitten Game Reboot in Java...
Sun Aug 6, 2017 1:51am

Rebooted the last Millennium Crisis reboot (the one with the kitten assets) in Java this time. I went Java because it could be cross platform compatible and its easy to be productive quickly. Also, through my job I have a license for the full blown Intellij IDE which is actually really nice and almost rivals Visual Studio. C# would have been my second choice but it's not cross platform if you exclude Mono and .NET core. C++ would have been my go to but I wanted to use something besides SDL this time.

So far it's still moving... usually I fall off the project band wagon by now. I currently have no idea for a story or how it's really going to work. I'm thinking action/rpg style but not as grandiose as a real rpg. More action with rpg elements to it. Kitten and yarn ball assets might be permanent? Don't know yet. Originally I did want zombies and such but kittens are cool too. Could make a completely goofy story based on them and any absurdity that ensues wouldn't be so out of place.

I'm sort of rambling at this point.

Updates and some screenshots are on the latest update on the website's news page. There's a link to my GitHub. No guarantee whatever I currently have committed will actually compile but I have the latest compiled jar being comm itted each time (usually a no-no) under the out/artifacts/zombieAttack_jar directory.

    • NEMB SagaPuckdropper, Thu Aug 17 5:07pm
      Could provide some story inspiration. Or at least several hours worth of distraction when your current inspiration stalls.
      • Hmm. I think I like that idea... Erik_, Sun Aug 20 2:19am
        Could lead to some pretty off the wall situations. I think I should go back and review them. I don't think I've actually really read through them in the past 10 years.
        • I got bored and did a few years agoPuckdropper, Sun Aug 20 4:29pm
          Still funny and weird, but the NEMB saga 2 didn't really go all that well.
          • They're sort of like the Wry series...Erik_, Mon Aug 21 12:53pm
            One went well and was fun, two was finished but not that great, three kept trying to happen but it never did. :)
            • We could start it nowPuckdropper, Mon Aug 21 8:02pm
              but it's kinda you, me, and Retna. I haven't heard from benny in years and who knows what happened to wendy. JMB's one time girlfriend, Diamond, came and went but I don't think she played a part in... more
              • make a new saga work. At this point, I'm not even really sure how to attract new people to swing by here.
                • Hm... we could sign up on OK CupidPuckdropper, Wed Aug 23 1:25am
                  Then be all like, Shamrice, technology, random nonsense! Ask for more details. Not sure I'd want random people joining in trying to do another NEMB Saga... They have to be bathed in the essence of... more
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