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You also killed the longest running thread on the board.
Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:10pm

I don't know whether to complain or thank you for deleting that nonsense at the bottom of the page!

Hey the archived message board loaded properly this time! You're still better off e-mailing me and not calling and you still don't have my phone number.

  • Found some interesting stuff on archive.orgErik_, Tue Aug 15 1:44am
    I found a "sub" version of the site that I have missing in the NE Archive from the days. (Mostly just the logo from then. I completely forgot about that old logo)... more
    • Dude! Bill Gates was on your site back then!Retna, Wed Aug 23 11:02pm
      Back when Bill was just a regular dude pushing winders 98.
        • We should write him an e-mailPuckdropper, Tue Aug 29 3:17am
          Hi Bill, I know you probably don't remember this but you were posting on the Nukem Enterprises Message Board. We'd like to have you come back and post once again. We're not looking for special favors ... more
      • Maybe he'll have some free time nowPuckdropper, Thu Aug 24 12:58am
        Now that there's a moron in charge of Microsoft. I don't know who I dislike more... him or Chairman Pai of the FCC.
        • Definitely Pai.Erik_, Tue Aug 29 2:04am
          Bill does amazing charity work and all around seems like a good person. I can't say I'm happy with how Microsoft has been going lately with ads and data collection in Windows 10. I am glad that they... more
          • Satya Nadella is in charge of M$Puckdropper, Tue Aug 29 3:13am
            He's the moron with the ads and data collection and Windows Phone on the Desktop UI. (It's brilliant on the phone!) There won't be a Microsoft before too long. Sad thing is, the next closest... more
            • I don't want a desktop home and DEFINITELY work that calls home to MS or any other corporation to build the "perfect ads" for me. I've already paid for the OS software, I shouldn't be "paying it... more
              • I got an android phonePuckdropper, Sun Sep 3 5:10am
                Apps are requesting microphone permission that don't need it. We've got voice remote controls, etc. I hate that. I'd disconnect the mic if I didn't need the darn thing to make phone calls. At least... more
                • It's crazy right?Erik, Thu Sep 7 4:18am
                  You'll download some stupid game and it will need like 5,000 permissions on your phone. When I see that I don't install the app. I hate that Chrome has like every permission under the sun.. as well... more
                  • At least you can turn some of them off.Puckdropper, Thu Sep 7 7:33am
                    I had one program whine and complain when I turned off certain permissions, so it didn't last very long on my phone. I don't think Firefox was too unreasonable. I'd have to check permissions, but it... more
                    • That's a very good point. Erik, Sun Oct 8 4:45am
                      I know my bank's app for a long time was just a web browser shortcut wrapped as an app. (Refused to install it). I would imagine many others would do more or less the same as a cheap way to get an... more
                      • Facebook, yeah where everyone apparently isPuckdropper, Tue Oct 17 6:48am
                        I guess it's easy if you want to talk to someone, but what a pain it is otherwise. Some sites can access the login cookie and assume I'm logged in to their precious steaming pile of doggie doo-doo. I ... more
    • You also killed the longest running thread on the board. ☻ Puckdropper, Thu Aug 17 5:10pm
      • Back in the day of the snapshot from the website this board would blast through a page in about 10 days, now we have whole year on the first page!
      • It should still be there, just not visible. Yeah, I was actually really surprised that the message board snapshots from back then actually loaded up okay. I didn't have any luck actually... more
        • Yeah, me either.Puckdropper, Sun Aug 20 4:28pm
          I was talking to a friend of mine last night, and he mentioned another message board I participated on. It's still up and as far as I know working. No one's posted since 2004, but it's still there.... more
          • Oh Wow! I remember those boards.Erik_, Mon Aug 21 12:50pm
            I'm surprised they're still hosting message boards over there. IIRC, didn't the ads on those boards get pretty bad at some point? It's been years since I've even thought of them. Side note, I'm... more
            • right? (I still don't understand places that close because they're not making enough profit?) Some of us love the web 1.0 stuff, many sites get it all wrong. The new web for workgroups 3.11 takes a... more
              • Probably due to being bought out.Erik_, Tue Aug 22 2:01am
                In my experience from being part of a start-up-ish company that got bought out by a bigger company two times now is that even if something is profitable now, if it's not the current owners... more
                • Better management?Puckdropper, Wed Aug 23 1:35am
                  But they have MBAs! You can't get better than that! Some college gave them a degree for not drinking too much before the test! That's the neat thing about web 1.0, mobile browsers can handle the site ... more
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