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I feel like lately...
Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:27am

the older consoles haven't really been dropping in price like they did back in the day.

Xbox 360 came out in 2005 (was just discontinued in 2016) and is still fetching almost a $100 for a console.

I feel like at this rate, I might be able to try the current generation consoles sometime in the mid 2030s.

I'll probably never own a Wii-U unless I stumble across a deal I can't refuse. Not because I don't like the system, I can just see it becoming a collector's piece down the road as it was only a mildly successful system with lower production numbers than it's competitors. (I collect Sega Saturn games currently and have since the late 90s, that system is in a similar category in my head. Games used to be cheap but now, even the bad not super common games go for $60+ CIB)

  • I used to be about one console behindPuckdropper, Thu Aug 17 4:55pm
    in getting new ones. Usually the old one would come to about $20-25 and I could actually afford it. You know, that's not actually too bad of a place to be, especially for someone who doesn't have to... more
    • I feel like lately... ☻ Erik_, Sun Aug 20 2:27am
      • There's definitely a sweet spotPuckdropper, Sun Aug 20 4:32pm
        When the consoles are cheap because they're outdated. There's really not a XBOX360 replacement, is there? You hit a certain level of hardware and the differences just aren't as large. Wow, with this... more
        • Agreed. Also the companies seem to just be Erik_, Mon Aug 21 12:57pm
          churning out cookie cutter games using the same or similar game engines these days as well that doesn't help the situation. I can understand as with how complex new games are these days, building a... more
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