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Well, as long as cash in > cash out, you're making a profit
Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:00pm

right? (I still don't understand places that close because they're not making enough profit?)

Some of us love the web 1.0 stuff, many sites get it all wrong. The new web for workgroups 3.11 takes a lot of responsibility to get right and most designers just don't. I'd like to force every UI developer to give up their mouse for a week. Maybe take away their monitor for a day and make them use screen readers...

  • Oh Wow! I remember those boards.Erik_, Mon Aug 21 12:50pm
    I'm surprised they're still hosting message boards over there. IIRC, didn't the ads on those boards get pretty bad at some point? It's been years since I've even thought of them. Side note, I'm... more
    • Well, as long as cash in > cash out, you're making a profit ☻ Puckdropper, Mon Aug 21 8:00pm
      • Probably due to being bought out.Erik_, Tue Aug 22 2:01am
        In my experience from being part of a start-up-ish company that got bought out by a bigger company two times now is that even if something is profitable now, if it's not the current owners... more
        • Better management?Puckdropper, Wed Aug 23 1:35am
          But they have MBAs! You can't get better than that! Some college gave them a degree for not drinking too much before the test! That's the neat thing about web 1.0, mobile browsers can handle the site ... more
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