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Probably due to being bought out.
Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:01am

In my experience from being part of a start-up-ish company that got bought out by a bigger company two times now is that even if something is profitable now, if it's not the current owners (shareholders or private) main vision/goal, it's not worth the upkeep costs. Also, once legacy support/R&D/IT leave, there's no one to maintain the old systems and hiring new people to "figure it out" just opened a whole can of worms when the customer is experiencing an outage and they demand the service be restored yesterday. Day to day, people aren't trained on legacy systems because their focus is better used elsewhere. Sure this could be resolved with better management and some foresight but that's asking too much this day and age. :D

Long story short, if it's not a larger money maker for the company, risk out weighs worth.

I completely agree, I love web 1.0 stuff. I love how it looks the similar or at least usable on a text browser, early Win 3.x browsers all the way to modern and mobile browsers. I guess it's just not "pretty" enough for people these days though. :)

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    • Probably due to being bought out. ☻ Erik_, Tue Aug 22 2:01am
      • Better management?Puckdropper, Wed Aug 23 1:35am
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