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Satya Nadella is in charge of M$
Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:13am

He's the moron with the ads and data collection and Windows Phone on the Desktop UI. (It's brilliant on the phone!)

There won't be a Microsoft before too long. Sad thing is, the next closest competitor, Google, is worse.

  • Definitely Pai.Erik_, Tue Aug 29 2:04am
    Bill does amazing charity work and all around seems like a good person. I can't say I'm happy with how Microsoft has been going lately with ads and data collection in Windows 10. I am glad that they... more
    • Satya Nadella is in charge of M$ ☻ Puckdropper, Tue Aug 29 3:13am
      • I don't want a desktop home and DEFINITELY work that calls home to MS or any other corporation to build the "perfect ads" for me. I've already paid for the OS software, I shouldn't be "paying it... more
        • I got an android phonePuckdropper, Sun Sep 3 5:10am
          Apps are requesting microphone permission that don't need it. We've got voice remote controls, etc. I hate that. I'd disconnect the mic if I didn't need the darn thing to make phone calls. At least... more
          • It's crazy right?Erik, Thu Sep 7 4:18am
            You'll download some stupid game and it will need like 5,000 permissions on your phone. When I see that I don't install the app. I hate that Chrome has like every permission under the sun.. as well... more
            • At least you can turn some of them off.Puckdropper, Thu Sep 7 7:33am
              I had one program whine and complain when I turned off certain permissions, so it didn't last very long on my phone. I don't think Firefox was too unreasonable. I'd have to check permissions, but it... more
              • That's a very good point. Erik, Sun Oct 8 4:45am
                I know my bank's app for a long time was just a web browser shortcut wrapped as an app. (Refused to install it). I would imagine many others would do more or less the same as a cheap way to get an... more
                • Facebook, yeah where everyone apparently isPuckdropper, Tue Oct 17 6:48am
                  I guess it's easy if you want to talk to someone, but what a pain it is otherwise. Some sites can access the login cookie and assume I'm logged in to their precious steaming pile of doggie doo-doo. I ... more
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