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Ah, so like a web based Qbasic interpreter?
Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:00pm

That definitely is an interesting project and I dig it!

I think Wry was actually one of the last files to get added to Pete's QB Site before it went mostly read only. If I would have submitted one day later, I would still be on the "Newest Downloads" list off the downloads page. Move.bas knocked me off the bottom of the list. It looks like files stopped getting added 4 days after Wry was added.

  • That could be a pretty cool skewPuckdropper, Tue Aug 29 3:07am
    I was planning on just making wry run in a browser (I have to use JS, HTML CANVAS docs are like: specify the size and then use JS.) I thought about just going in there by hand and wasting a few days... more
    • Ah, so like a web based Qbasic interpreter? ☻ Erik, Thu Aug 31 6:00pm
      • I wonder how far it'll actually getPuckdropper, Fri Sep 1 3:18am
        It could be pretty cool to load a well-behaved (as in one that doesn't PEEK and POKE memory) program and actually run it.
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