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It really didn't survive the reboot...
Fri Sep 1, 2017 3:16am

I'm probably the only person who checks it every now and again.

  • Yeah me either...Erik, Thu Aug 31 5:53pm
    I noticed that even Uncreative Labs has been crazy silent as of late as well. (I feel like it was more active not that long ago).
    • It really didn't survive the reboot... ☻ Puckdropper, Fri Sep 1 3:16am
      • Reboot?Erik, Sat Sep 2 3:29am
        It looks like the same page to me? I still swing by every few months just to see if anything interesting has happened but it's been really quiet. My XTs are at my GFs parent's house so I don't... more
        • It's pretty much the samePuckdropper, Sun Sep 3 5:06am
          All the users left. When Stephen and Peter gave up on the site, we tried to rebuild it in its original image but it was too late. It would have died if it wasn't piggybacked on my hosting.
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