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*What's the cropping/padding theory? (nm)
Wed Sep 6, 2017 9:03pm

  • I'm still sticking to my crop/padding theory.Puckdropper, Sun Sep 3 5:17am
    Until someone like Raymond Chen tells me otherwise. I'll defend this theory until I stop defending it!
    • *What's the cropping/padding theory? (nm) ☻ Retna, Wed Sep 6 9:03pm
      • and stuff in the image size. So the odd pixel size makes sense if you account for the extra pixels used to pad/margin/etc the image in HTML.
        • But still, why 90x30? I want to go back in time and sit in on the meeting where whoever-it-was was talking about it.
          • My only guess is...Erik, Sat Sep 9 10:24pm
            90x30 let's the image be evenly 3x as wide as it is high. I wonder if of the GeoCities styling was also divisible by three as well. Also, when your display is only 300x200 or 640x480, a 90x30 space... more
            • Yeah, the 90x30 makes sensePuckdropper, Sat Sep 9 10:30pm
              Playing with some of this stuff years ago--after all there's the world-accessible Puckdropper's Place logos--I just kinda said "hm... that looks good." and went on. If I wanted to add something to... more
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