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At least you can turn some of them off.
Thu Sep 7, 2017 7:33am

I had one program whine and complain when I turned off certain permissions, so it didn't last very long on my phone.

I don't think Firefox was too unreasonable. I'd have to check permissions, but it seemed pretty reasonable for a web browser. Chrome might be trying to be all things to all people, which is why it wants so many permissions. (I strongly suspect many "native" apps are actually Chrome wrapped inside an executable.)

Firefox runs my filtering program. I'd rather use Pale Moon, but they don't have an Android developer.

  • It's crazy right?Erik, Thu Sep 7 4:18am
    You'll download some stupid game and it will need like 5,000 permissions on your phone. When I see that I don't install the app. I hate that Chrome has like every permission under the sun.. as well... more
    • At least you can turn some of them off. ☻ Puckdropper, Thu Sep 7 7:33am
      • That's a very good point. Erik, Sun Oct 8 4:45am
        I know my bank's app for a long time was just a web browser shortcut wrapped as an app. (Refused to install it). I would imagine many others would do more or less the same as a cheap way to get an... more
        • Facebook, yeah where everyone apparently isPuckdropper, Tue Oct 17 6:48am
          I guess it's easy if you want to talk to someone, but what a pain it is otherwise. Some sites can access the login cookie and assume I'm logged in to their precious steaming pile of doggie doo-doo. I ... more
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