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Thanks for the input! Comments inside.
Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:02am

>>I had to update my Java to get it to work.
I used Java 8 because it has some nice new functionality. (That I don't even think I'm using right now, but it it's nice to have. :)) Didn't even think about the fact that most people don't keep Java up to date. (I know I didn't before)

>>It's actually pretty funny to see the kitten attack backwards while facing to the right. It would be even funnier if his tail was down normally and lifted to do that.
Haha! That's a good idea! I'll file a ticket to add attack animations for facing the correct direction. Right now, there's only one attack sprite and it only faces one direction.

>>I got stuck on the third screen to the right, 3rd "square" up, entering from left.
Was that on the tree on the lower left on screen 0,2? If so, that's because it's placed too close to the edge of the screen.

>>I got stuck on the 2nd screen to the right, when entering from the lower screen at the "pond." Also when the kitten wrapped around from the top of the 2nd screen.
Same as above. The first screen I actually made was screen 0,1 with the pond. I didn't account for entering and exiting from other areas yet. The pond needs to be moved up a tile row and it should be okay. (Or add a wall on the screen below to keep from heading north).

>>Game crashes 3rd screen to the right, going down. No screen data at that point?
Yep. That's the end of my little sandbox area. So far, I've been able to test everything in that small area.

The screens are actually a 3d array. [world][x][y]
Right now there is only world 0 with 0,0 0,1 0,2 and 1,1 areas. The screen wrap on 0,1 when you go north is because when it tries to go 0 - 1 it gets -1 which in turn gets corrected back to 0 to avoid crashing when looking for the area config.

Other notes: (Sorry, this is long winded)

  • If you look the conf directory, almost everything is configurable based on values in the properties files.

  • Assets directory lets you customize the areas and sprites.

  • If you run from command prompt using "java -jar zombieAttack.jar" by default extra debug info is logged to the console.

    • In the conf/ you can set the log to a file instead and also set the verbosity of the logging.


  • F2 - Save game. Enter file name to save as.

  • F3 - Load game. Enter file name to load. Enemy statuses are currently not saved between saves and loads so dead enemies stay dead. If you start a new game and load, all enemies are back alive.

  • i - Displays debug inventory info into messagebox

  • t - Test button text displayed in message box.

  • g - Get item from fallen enemy.

  • space bar - fire

  • arrow keys - move

  • left shift (hold) - make player run.

  • escape or q - quit game.

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