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MCr3 Inventory Input Preference Question
Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:05am

So, I've added interaction with the inventory in the MCr3 project. I'm not sure I like how I currently have it implemented though.

Right now here is how it works:
* In game -> press "i" to enter inventory mode.
* Game pauses.
* Arrow keys are now used to select which item in the inventory to equip/unequip (enter key) or drop (delete key)
* Backspace key to exit inventory mode, unpause game and return.

It works... but it really takes you out of the action of the game while you lazily go through the inventory. Although I do like that you can take a breather if an enemy is right on top of you and equip a weapon if you are currently unarmed.

I was thinking if the inventory was interacted with real time, that would would be better but then I would have to use different keys to interact with the inventory. (page up/page down? number keys? [not good for laptop users])

Also having to hit backspace to get out of the inventory isn't the best. Flow wise, I feel like when you hit enter to equip/unequip an item it should bring you back to the game buttttt what if you wanted to do more than one interaction? Then that flow breaks completely.

Esc/q isn't used to exit the inventory because they're currently my "kill" buttons for the whole game.

Any input is welcome!


    • Is there ever a case where you want to be itemless?Puckdropper, Wed Oct 18 11:48pm
      Or will you ever have multiple items equipped? If not, selecting the item with enter and having the menu close is not only good enough, but on the games that I've played that have done that,... more
      • Good ideas!Erik, Mon Oct 30 2:16am
        Yes, eventually you will be able to equip/use multiple items so unless I were to bind other keys for health and such (I did that with the C++ version, and I'm not crazy about it) I don't think the... more
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