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Good ideas!
Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:16am

Yes, eventually you will be able to equip/use multiple items so unless I were to bind other keys for health and such (I did that with the C++ version, and I'm not crazy about it) I don't think the "select and done" method will work.

I do really like the idea of the "exit inventory" item that returns the user to the game. I think I might give that a try. I will probably also keep in the key that brings the user to the inventory as a shortcut to close the inventory just for convenience. I'm thinking of moving the inventory button to something more intuitive like the enter key or something which might help with things.

If the above doesn't work, I'll give the real time inventory keys you suggested a try.

Thanks again for the input. I'll create some tickets in my GitHub project to track.

  • Is there ever a case where you want to be itemless?Puckdropper, Wed Oct 18 11:48pm
    Or will you ever have multiple items equipped? If not, selecting the item with enter and having the menu close is not only good enough, but on the games that I've played that have done that,... more
    • Good ideas! ☻ Erik, Mon Oct 30 2:16am
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