Um... That would be me in the plane.
Fri Dec 1, 2017 8:29am

It's a Cessna 152 I'm trying to learn how to fly.

I looked up the post, 3.95. Maybe Raymond Chen was wrong, but he's Raymond Chen! He's like closer to Bill Gates than you are when he's eating in the same restaurant.

Programmers didn't understand Boolean operations... Well actually I think the suggestion now is to ask the OS if it supports the thing you want to use. That makes some sense, as long as you're reasonable about it. Who cares about version numbers? If the guy doesn't have the Touch-system installed don't use the touch interface. He's probably got an inferior track pad and you need to make your mouse targets as big as possible because he's got no skin left on his index finger.

If this post doesn't make sense, just know I'm going to bed after I submit it.

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"Don't quote me." - Erik