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I can try it out..
Tue Dec 5, 2017 10:11pm

Though I haven't used Java in a long time. I have javac 1.8.0_144 on my command line. What would I need to get started?

I checked out the repo

  • NeChat Testing...Erik, Tue Dec 5 3:14am
    So, I think I've managed to get my new project "NeChat" which is an AIM type clone (sort of fitting with AIM shutting down) to a basically alpha stage. Would you guys be willing to give it a go and... more
    • I can try it out.. ☻ Retna, Tue Dec 5 10:11pm
      • Awesome!Erik, Fri Dec 8 10:55am
        You don't need to worry about the server side code or building the DB, just the client. Right now it looks like I don't have the built client executable checked into Git. I'll update that so you... more
        • Ok. Stuff is done. Download link inside.Erik, Fri Dec 8 2:24pm
          Link to download directory: Client app will ping at login to get current web server... more
    • Idea for a logoPuckdropper, Tue Dec 5 8:40pm
      A top hat, resting obviously on a dude's (or dudette's) shoulders and covering his neck. After all, it is NecHat (put a tiny subscript K after the C).
      • I like it!Erik, Fri Dec 8 10:57am
        Right now I refer to it as "knee-chat" but it also can be read as Any chat. Neck Hat just adds to the confusion which is fantastic.
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