*Sure. Almost every username is available. haha (nm)
Fri Dec 8, 2017 10:58am

  • Ooh! Could I suggest usernames?Puckdropper, Tue Dec 5 5:50am
    Wakko Yakko Dot Brain Pinky Joe Yep, that Joe. Wonder if he's still hanging about somewhere, popping in every now and again to say hello.
    • Accounts created!Erik, Fri Dec 8 2:35pm
      Usernames and passwords are all lower case. Passwords are the same as the username. If you get an exception on logging in, there's a bug I need to fix for when the authentication token is either... more
    • *Sure. Almost every username is available. haha (nm) ☻ Erik, Fri Dec 8 10:58am
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