I've actually noticed that too when looking back...
Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:03pm old posts and even updates to NE.

I'll read something and completely forgot it was said or in some cases, even existed. Almost like reading it for the first time but with also a feeling of "I remember this".

Good example is the 8/4/17 update of the website where I finally added the missing dependencies to the original Win32 MC demo and was also working on a free fall ball bounce Qbasic program. After making the update, I went back to old news updates and found one from 10/25/04 talking about those exact two things.

Related quote from updates below:

I also finally fixed the original Millennium Crisis demo
from 2004 zip file to include the necessary dependencies
in the zip file. You can find this in the C++ file's
section. I'm not really sure why I bothered to do this.
That code is now over 13 years old but I guess it's
helpful if someone ever wants to play it and doesn't
have a version of Visual Studio 6.0 still installed
(Who does???) as the only compiled version seems to
be a debug build and not a release build.

Edit 8/14/17:
I actually just found this update while digging around.
Apparently I meant to upload the Millennium Crisis demo
with the necessary DLLs back in 10/25/2004! I think that
might be a new record for me finally getting around to
doing something! What's even worse is that earlier this
year I was playing around with a "bounce the ball" physics
QB program... Turns out I had possibly already done this
over a decade ago!?! I guess I won't bother releasing
that idea now for another 10 years. :)

News: 10.25.04
I don't know why I'm so lazy when it comes to uploading
new stuff. I have to still reuploade the Millenium
Crisis demo with the .DLL file and the Free Fall Physics
demo. I did update the link to Puckdroppers site and
added Retna's site to the links page though, so I'm
sorta on top of things... right? - Nukem

  • Yeah, time flies and all that...Puckdropper, Tue Dec 5 5:53am
    Found some posts citing things I had no clue about--having forgotten them. I did particularly like the insult about you being a chick magnet of the same polarity. (I posted it, but I would have... more
    • I've actually noticed that too when looking back... ☻ Erik, Thu Dec 14 5:03pm
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