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Just saw this bug as well.
Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:01am

I wrote it on my laptop using DosBox and it didn't seem to care that the space was in the level name.

I just tried it on my 486 to see if the performance was okay and the space in the level name didn't work. I'll fix the code to trim like you suggested.

I didn't have an issue with the jump height on either Dosbox on my modern computer or my 486 25mhz.

I would like to add the Mario "bounce" in. I didn't have time before Christmas morning though. Also, the jump is sort of wonky as is and needs some further tinkering.

The level sprites disappearing as annoying. I think I need to at least redraw it when you die. Right now it will only redraw if you fall down a pit. There's a later level (9?) where you have to jump up basically a staircase and if you take a bunch of tries, it becomes some blind jumping.

  • DIFFPuckdropper, Wed Dec 27 5:22pm
    line 787: levelName = "\LVL" + STR$(currentLevel) TO levelName = "\LVL" + LTRIM$(STR$(currentLevel)) That allows level 1 to load. Now, to adjust the timing... It's almost impossible to jump from... more
    • maxJumpHeight = 45 doesn't work reasonErik, Thu Jan 4 2:53pm
      Sprite step, x, y, size and jump heights all have to be even numbers. If sprite step was 1, it will work also but then Santa moves too slow. Anything higher than 2 and the division done to transpose... more
    • Just saw this bug as well. ☻ Erik, Thu Dec 28 2:01am
    • Another DIFFPuckdropper, Wed Dec 27 5:57pm
      LINE 45 INSERT: 'Note: Change to directory the program is located in. This solves the "LEVELS" must be in the QB folder. Maybe Erik can make this automatic? CHDIR "santa" This also solves the high... more
      • Good idea. Erik, Thu Dec 28 2:05am
        In the readme I put the following to be a way around that issue. Didn't realize the trim issue not working outside of dosbox until tonight though. "Extract files to your Qbasic directory. Make sure... more
        • So Puckdropper will fit? Made it to level 10, but had some trouble hitting the ceiling and not being jumping to hit the enemies. WAAAAA!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!! lol I think level 10's doable, just gotta ... more
          • Oh, while I'm making requestsPuckdropper, Thu Dec 28 9:11pm
            Could you put Puckdropper in on the top of the default high score at like 11,650 (my current high score) so people have something to aspire to? Nothing like top billing for a game not many people are ... more
            • Another issuePuckdropper, Thu Dec 28 10:19pm
              Shows up on level 10: When Santa hits the ceiling, he falls through the blocks. It's kinda hard to do anything without hitting the ceiling. My guess is that the Y position isn't properly updated and... more
              • DIFFPuckdropper, Thu Dec 28 10:47pm
                Line 1174 Add IF (p.topJumpY p.topJumpY = 0 END IF New space Bar handling code: 'space bar IF INP(96) = 57 THEN IF p.isJumping = FALSE AND p.hasJumpLanded = TRUE AND p.hasReachedJumpHeight = FALSE... more
                • So about that QB64...Puckdropper, Fri Dec 29 3:26am
                  If you add a _FULLSCREEN directive, the output will be full screen. I don't think you can leave it in non QB64 code, unfortunately.
                  • _FULLSCREEN and QB 4.5Erik, Thu Jan 4 2:30pm
                    Actually, I was surprised that qb 4.5 didn't even show the line with _FULLSCREEN on it. I had to open it up in Notepad to make sure it was actually there. I wonder if there's something in the old... more
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