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So about that QB64...
Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:26am

If you add a _FULLSCREEN directive, the output will be full screen. I don't think you can leave it in non QB64 code, unfortunately.

  • DIFFPuckdropper, Thu Dec 28 10:47pm
    Line 1174 Add IF (p.topJumpY p.topJumpY = 0 END IF New space Bar handling code: 'space bar IF INP(96) = 57 THEN IF p.isJumping = FALSE AND p.hasJumpLanded = TRUE AND p.hasReachedJumpHeight = FALSE... more
    • So about that QB64... ☻ Puckdropper, Fri Dec 29 3:26am
      • _FULLSCREEN and QB 4.5Erik, Thu Jan 4 2:30pm
        Actually, I was surprised that qb 4.5 didn't even show the line with _FULLSCREEN on it. I had to open it up in Notepad to make sure it was actually there. I wonder if there's something in the old... more
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