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Happy New Year! Updated Santa Game With Bug Fixes
Fri Jan 5, 2018 4:23am

Updated Santa's Christmas Rescue with bug fixes from Puckdropper as well as other fixes. I also included a 16-bit DOS exe file to run from Dosbox or an actual vintage machine. In full release after this, I would like to include Puckdropper's QB64 Win32 executable as well.

New bonus present is currently only in one level as levels need to be reworked. (Next update)

Let me know what additional fixes are needed. I'll work on fixing some of the levels.

Release info from source file: (Release date is a "hopeful" one :D )

Santa's Christmas Rescue v1.1
' Version 1.1 Release: 1/7/2017
' Bug Fixes / New Features:
' - Player no longer falls through platform on jump that goes off
' screen. (Puckdropper)
' - Player can no longer jump above screen. (Puckdropper)
' - Jump height slightly increased. (Puckdropper)
' - Error handler now attempts to reset working directory on
' - file errors.
' - gameRootDir variable at beginning to config and set working
' directory.
' - Highscore name length increased.
' - Level is now redrawn if player dies from enemy
' - Bonus present added worth 500 points.

Link to download: Link

    • * Happy New Year! :) (nm)Retna, Thu Jan 18 11:38pm
      • Happy new year to you too!Puckdropper, Fri Jan 19 12:53am
        It's halfway through January, but that doesn't diminish the sentiment any!
        • Better late than never!Retna, Fri Jan 19 8:18pm
          Also, Happy 2016 Thanksgiving!
          • Happy 2012! (nm)Puckdropper, Wed Jan 24 5:35am
            • *Happy 4th of July!Erik, Tue Feb 6 2:48pm
              ...figured I should get started early on some upcoming ones.
              • Good plan.Puckdropper, Wed Feb 7 4:17pm
                We know you and holidays... they just kinda pass and you're like "hm... maybe I should post on the NEMB happy holiday" and 15 days later the idea finally gets to your finger tips.
    • Just play tested 1.1Puckdropper, Sun Jan 7 5:48am
      It plays pretty nice! The requirement that Santa be on the downside of the jump to defeat an enemy will catch a few people but you're consistent about it so once they discover it they'll figure out... more
      • I was playing and got the "Congrats you win" screen after level 16. Apparently I never updated the totalLevels constant from when I was testing. Oops. I also just fixed another bug where when you... more
        • Here's Santa 1.2-RC1 DownloadErik_, Thu Jan 11 2:33am
          Here's the link to download: Download Link Version 1.2 Release Candidate 1: Bug Fixes / New Features: - Player no longer falls through platform on jump that goes off screen. (Puckdropper) - Player... more
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