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Thanks! I actually just found two more bugs myself...
Mon Jan 8, 2018 2:18am

I was playing and got the "Congrats you win" screen after level 16. Apparently I never updated the totalLevels constant from when I was testing. Oops. I also just fixed another bug where when you win, it doesn't ask you to enter your high score.

I also like the running midair jump as well. It's saved me a bunch of times when I've accidentally ran off an edge.

I'm actually in the process of reworking the levels to add the bonus presents and realized that the jumping gets really wonky when you're trying to jump over a gap underneath another platform. Fixing that now.

  • Just play tested 1.1Puckdropper, Sun Jan 7 5:48am
    It plays pretty nice! The requirement that Santa be on the downside of the jump to defeat an enemy will catch a few people but you're consistent about it so once they discover it they'll figure out... more
    • Thanks! I actually just found two more bugs myself... ☻ Erik, Mon Jan 8 2:18am
      • Here's Santa 1.2-RC1 DownloadErik_, Thu Jan 11 2:33am
        Here's the link to download: Download Link Version 1.2 Release Candidate 1: Bug Fixes / New Features: - Player no longer falls through platform on jump that goes off screen. (Puckdropper) - Player... more
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