Need Help Hunting Down Old Qbasic Game
Wed Feb 7, 2018 2:27pm

I've been looking for an old Qbasic game that I remember from wayyyy back in the day but I can't find it anywhere online.

After some searching I remembered it was created by HackSoft (The same programmer who made Space Psycho).

In searching I was so far only able to find Space Psycho, Socko and a Space Invaders clone by him.

The game I'm looking for was a doom like clone called "Doomed" (like my early project). It used line commands to draw each screen like Terror does and, if I remember right, had a clear screen flash every time you moved around the level.

I sort of remember it was around 2-3 levels long and looked VERY similar to the original Terror demo.

Does anyone else remember this game or have a copy? doesn't seem to have his website archived. (No good snapshots except an almost empty directory view from '99).

I'm positive it existed and I'm not just remembering Terror mixed with my Doomed. I remember it was all hallways and you could explosive shoot barrels as well.

    • If no one has any ideas...Erik, Tue Feb 27 3:50am
      Does anyone have any ideas where I could post this question to get info? Normally I would think Pete's QB site but because the forum has been fubar for the past 10+ years, I'm not really sure what... more
      • The off the wall one firstPuckdropper, Tue Feb 27 8:42am
        Find some really sexy lady and upload her picture to a free dating site. In the profile, just write "I'm sorry for the bait and switch, but I'm really trying to track down a video game I remember.... more
        • Haha. That's VERY off the wall.Erik_, Sat Mar 10 1:47am
          I can track down the author's name by their other works under the same company name but I don't want to go as far as creating topics off of maybe another QB forum (this is a QB forum... right..? sort ... more
          • This is a QB forum?Puckdropper, Sat Mar 10 4:22am
            I thought it was just random stuff with some occasional programming stuff tossed in. Is it any wonder my posts don't compile?
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