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I'll have to remember this in 2 years.
Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:57am

In two years, remind me to blur out the message board.
Ok, I'll remind you.

I miss Cortana. Android is a pathetic excuse for an OS compared to Windows Phone, but the entire world has settled on Android because Microsoft didn't market Cortana and WP8 right.

  • body { filter: blur(1px) }Retna, Fri Feb 23 9:42pm
    Anything more is too blackout drunk.
    • Maybe we could do something that if the mouse of over the body it would un-blur and would only be blurred when the mouse wasn't focused. I would be completely okay with that for the 21st birthday.
      • That'd be coolPuckdropper, Tue Feb 27 8:44am
        I just gotta wonder if we've got enough space to actually do it. We kinda had to use almost every bit of space we had to force the stylesheets to work. Well, maybe we've got some space in the prolog.
        • Looks like we do!Erik_, Fri Mar 2 3:36pm
          Just tried adding it to our css block in the prologue and it worked. Alright, we just have to remember that in two years, we have to add: body { filter: blur(1px); } body:hover { filter: none; }
          • Can we run JS on the board?Retna, Sat Mar 3 12:05am
            Then we could automatically have it apply with this... body[data-date="2-2020"] { filter : blur(1px); } If we added the data-date attribute with js... document.body.setAttribute( 'data-date', (new... more
          • I added it and commented out.Puckdropper, Fri Mar 2 4:04pm
            Now all we have to do is remember to read the comment!
            • *Good thinking! (nm)Erik_, Fri Mar 2 4:13pm
              • So is there like some JS we could pile on therePuckdropper, Fri Mar 2 11:49pm
                because I know I'll forget. We could have the JS (I never learned JS) check the date, blur it on the NEMB's birthday and randomly blur for the next 2 weeks. If they even allow JS in the prologue?
                • * See my comment to Erik aboveRetna, Sat Mar 3 12:07am
                  If JS is allowed, we could apply blur for the whole month of 2-2020. Random blur could be possible too.
    • I'll have to remember this in 2 years. ☻ Puckdropper, Sat Feb 24 8:57am
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