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If no one has any ideas...
Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:50am

Does anyone have any ideas where I could post this question to get info? Normally I would think Pete's QB site but because the forum has been fubar for the past 10+ years, I'm not really sure what other Qbasic sites would still be an option?

  • Need Help Hunting Down Old Qbasic GameErik, Wed Feb 7 2:27pm
    I've been looking for an old Qbasic game that I remember from wayyyy back in the day but I can't find it anywhere online. After some searching I remembered it was created by HackSoft (The same... more
    • If no one has any ideas... ☻ Erik, Tue Feb 27 3:50am
      • The off the wall one firstPuckdropper, Tue Feb 27 8:42am
        Find some really sexy lady and upload her picture to a free dating site. In the profile, just write "I'm sorry for the bait and switch, but I'm really trying to track down a video game I remember.... more
        • Haha. That's VERY off the wall.Erik_, Sat Mar 10 1:47am
          I can track down the author's name by their other works under the same company name but I don't want to go as far as creating topics off of maybe another QB forum (this is a QB forum... right..? sort ... more
          • This is a QB forum?Puckdropper, Sat Mar 10 4:22am
            I thought it was just random stuff with some occasional programming stuff tossed in. Is it any wonder my posts don't compile?
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