*Good thinking! (nm)
Fri Mar 2, 2018 4:13pm

  • I added it and commented out.Puckdropper, Fri Mar 2 4:04pm
    Now all we have to do is remember to read the comment!
    • *Good thinking! (nm) ☻ Erik_, Fri Mar 2 4:13pm
      • So is there like some JS we could pile on therePuckdropper, Fri Mar 2 11:49pm
        because I know I'll forget. We could have the JS (I never learned JS) check the date, blur it on the NEMB's birthday and randomly blur for the next 2 weeks. If they even allow JS in the prologue?
        • * See my comment to Erik aboveRetna, Sat Mar 3 12:07am
          If JS is allowed, we could apply blur for the whole month of 2-2020. Random blur could be possible too.
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