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Waaaaaait a second...
Fri Mar 2, 2018 4:33pm

I just got an ad for a necklace.

This image was scaled into it:

The URL is! That's one of the owners of this site. So it's an ad for another one of their products.


  • My guess(es) is(are)...Erik_, Fri Mar 2 4:31pm
    When they made the ad portion, images were generally smaller so the scaling wasn't a big deal even on dial up. Now almost no one uses dial up so even though the images sizes have grown, internet... more
    • Maybe they don't pay by bandwidth?Puckdropper, Fri Mar 2 11:55pm
      Larger images are bigger. (I feel like this needs a citation needed.) If they're feeding an extra 5KB on every image, that's thousands of KB they don't need to be feeding to everyone on the internet. ... more
    • Waaaaaait a second... ☻ Erik_, Fri Mar 2 4:33pm
      • 125KB!Puckdropper, Fri Mar 2 11:59pm
        Wow, that's quite a large photo for being so small. I bet a JPG would do that in 10KB. It's kinda annoying waiting for it to load. One thing I've got to wonder is why my browser seems to reload it... more
        • This one is even a worse offender...Erik_, Sat Mar 10 2:02am
          Source: Request Method GET Priority Highest Mime Type image/png Encoded Data 183 B Decoded Body 1.0 MB It's a WHOLE MB! I downloaded it on its own to... more
          • Yipe! That's like 1 minute of MP3 at 128Puckdropper, Sat Mar 10 4:25am
            whatever the units are. The worst part is that they're using HTML to shrink the image, and that's been a no-no since HTML came out!
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