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Maybe they don't pay by bandwidth?
Fri Mar 2, 2018 11:55pm

Larger images are bigger. (I feel like this needs a citation needed.) If they're feeding an extra 5KB on every image, that's thousands of KB they don't need to be feeding to everyone on the internet. It might even add up to a few MB!

(I kinda miss the days when they worried about kilobytes. Things were often much faster then.)

  • My guess(es) is(are)...Erik_, Fri Mar 2 4:31pm
    When they made the ad portion, images were generally smaller so the scaling wasn't a big deal even on dial up. Now almost no one uses dial up so even though the images sizes have grown, internet... more
    • Maybe they don't pay by bandwidth? ☻ Puckdropper, Fri Mar 2 11:55pm
    • Waaaaaait a second...Erik_, Fri Mar 2 4:33pm
      I just got an ad for a necklace. This image was scaled into it: The URL is ! That's one of the owners of this site. So it's an ad for another one of their products.... more
      • 125KB!Puckdropper, Fri Mar 2 11:59pm
        Wow, that's quite a large photo for being so small. I bet a JPG would do that in 10KB. It's kinda annoying waiting for it to load. One thing I've got to wonder is why my browser seems to reload it... more
        • This one is even a worse offender...Erik_, Sat Mar 10 2:02am
          Source: Request Method GET Priority Highest Mime Type image/png Encoded Data 183 B Decoded Body 1.0 MB It's a WHOLE MB! I downloaded it on its own to... more
          • Yipe! That's like 1 minute of MP3 at 128Puckdropper, Sat Mar 10 4:25am
            whatever the units are. The worst part is that they're using HTML to shrink the image, and that's been a no-no since HTML came out!
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