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Oh, I can't think of a name right away
Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:03am

Usually that's pretty easy.

Granny Arachnid learns to program!

  • Started learning some COBOL... Wry COBOL??Erik_, Sat Mar 10 2:16am
    I've been wanting to sit down and learn some COBOL since I was in college in 2004/2005. I forgot about it for a long time and just the other day decided I wanted to learn again. Previously I was... more
    • Oh, I can't think of a name right away ☻ Puckdropper, Sat Mar 10 4:03am
      • I think I'm going to enjoy this project!Erik_, Tue Mar 13 3:21am
        I started messing around with some stuff tonight. So far I have my COBOL app loading up some parsed records from the original Wry game. No real user interaction as of yet. I'm still thinking about... more
        • Cool. I've only looked briefly at COBOLPuckdropper, Fri Mar 16 4:34am
          so I really don't have any idea how it's designed to operate. ALTHOUGH, WEREN'T LINES done like this?
          • Yeah, traditionally everything is in capsErik, Sat Mar 24 3:31am
            as the stuff was originally written on teletypes to punch cards. A basic program would look something like the following. In non-free format COBOL, the first 6 characters are for line numbers. 7... more
            • Were COBOL programs line limited?Puckdropper, Tue Mar 27 10:16am
              7 characters on a punch card would only be like 128. I thought some COBOL was done as capital letters for OPCodes and lower case for other stuff? Guess that depends on your compiler? 12 years to... more
              • Originally width limited.Erik_, Wed Mar 28 2:52pm
                Original fixed format COBOL had a limited number of characters wide you could go before having to start a new line with a continuation character in space 7. In my COBOL IDE, you can see the red lines ... more
                • One more 486 Web Browsing Comment.Erik_, Wed Mar 28 2:58pm
                  The ad on the top of this forum took FOREVER to load on my 486. Images already load slow but jeeze.
                  • Considering it's about a megabyte in sizePuckdropper, Sat Apr 7 2:36am
                    That's a significant part of the available memory on your box... Even if you max it out, it's still like 32 MB. Technically the 32-bit chipset could handle up to 4 GB, but it was rare to have a... more
                    • I would actually like to upgrade it higher but need to I guess figure out the RAM type I need. It's been so long since I've even tinkered with the hardware on it, I've forgotten so much. I remember... more
                      • IIRC, 72-pin SIMMs were the standardPuckdropper, Thu May 24 7:41am
                        and they were pretty standard. It wasn't until PC100 that things got messy. Some boards wouldn't use a double-sided SIMM, I think that was happening with both 30 and 72-pin SIMMs. Yours might be one... more
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