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Were COBOL programs line limited?
Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:16am

7 characters on a punch card would only be like 128.

I thought some COBOL was done as capital letters for OPCodes and lower case for other stuff? Guess that depends on your compiler?

12 years to actually write code? They do say programming is very much prep work, but 12 years? lol

Nice that your 486 can handle this forum and the website. Are you running IE or Netscape?

  • Yeah, traditionally everything is in capsErik, Sat Mar 24 3:31am
    as the stuff was originally written on teletypes to punch cards. A basic program would look something like the following. In non-free format COBOL, the first 6 characters are for line numbers. 7... more
    • Were COBOL programs line limited? ☻ Puckdropper, Tue Mar 27 10:16am
      • Originally width limited.Erik_, Wed Mar 28 2:52pm
        Original fixed format COBOL had a limited number of characters wide you could go before having to start a new line with a continuation character in space 7. In my COBOL IDE, you can see the red lines ... more
        • One more 486 Web Browsing Comment.Erik_, Wed Mar 28 2:58pm
          The ad on the top of this forum took FOREVER to load on my 486. Images already load slow but jeeze.
          • Considering it's about a megabyte in sizePuckdropper, Sat Apr 7 2:36am
            That's a significant part of the available memory on your box... Even if you max it out, it's still like 32 MB. Technically the 32-bit chipset could handle up to 4 GB, but it was rare to have a... more
            • I would actually like to upgrade it higher but need to I guess figure out the RAM type I need. It's been so long since I've even tinkered with the hardware on it, I've forgotten so much. I remember... more
              • IIRC, 72-pin SIMMs were the standardPuckdropper, Thu May 24 7:41am
                and they were pretty standard. It wasn't until PC100 that things got messy. Some boards wouldn't use a double-sided SIMM, I think that was happening with both 30 and 72-pin SIMMs. Yours might be one... more
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