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Usenet Browser?
Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:57pm

I went to go check out usenet because there was a channel I was interested about for a roguelike game I started playing that I found on my 486 (ADOM - if interested).

When I went to figure out how to view it, it looks like you have to pay a subscription in order to access usenet servers? I saw some had a free trial but you had to still sign up for a monthly subscription.

I've never used it before, but that's normal I guess?

    • Most ISPs dropped itPuckdropper, Wed Mar 28 6:08pm
      Warez was their battle cry, but they just wanted an excuse. is apparently free (I just typed the website, so verify before you actually go there!) but I didn't have much luck... more
      • Thanks for the info.Erik, Mon Apr 2 5:04pm
        I guess I can try searching Google groups first. You're not the first person I've heard from that it is awful. Maybe I'll think about spinning up a free trial and seeing how it goes. I have a feeling ... more
        • Try it and you'll see how bad it is.Puckdropper, Sat Apr 7 2:38am
          Then don't produce any code like that at all! We don't realize just how spoiled we were by the UI folks at Microsoft. Their UIs were really good and followed some really good principles like don't... more
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