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Hard drive died!
Mon Apr 2, 2018 5:08pm

The hard drive in my main computer died.

The good thing is that I had basically everything all backed up.

I was able to wget and get the website's contents back as well.

The biggest loss that I didn't have backed up is what I had written so far for Wry COBOL and it looks like I will have to re-write it.

I tried recovering the data but it looks like I'm only able to see the system recovery partition. The main partition takes forever to show up but doesn't show any space. (Bummer)

The GOOD news in all this is, I found one of my old IDE drives that used to be the NE server from back in the day that died and was able to get the data off of it! I was able to recover some of my old bands show recording that I thought were lost forever (woo!) and the missing NE updates that I also thought were gone forever.

So there's some silver lining in it...

    • I found multiple versions of it in various states of functionality as well. I'll post those sources as well once I get the time. (It's not very good)
      • Coolish. Neat that you found some cool stuffPuckdropper, Sat Apr 7 2:41am
        but definitely not neat that your hard drive died. When you consider just how much fits on a drive nowadays, you gotta wonder why every system doesn't come with some form of redundancy to prevent... more
        • Yeah...Erik, Tue Apr 17 8:43am
          Thankfully now I use GitHub to track and store my projects if possible and thankfully I finished Santa's Christmas rescue so it was up on the website so that also wasn't lost. I probably should... more
          • You should be lazy.Puckdropper, Sun Apr 22 6:06am
            I bought a QNAP TS509 Pro that lets me have 5 drives in a RAID array, run a local version of my website for when the development bug strikes, back up my data, and play videos with Plex. With Windows... more
            • That's a nice set up!Erik, Wed May 23 1:47am
              My work has something similar set up where My Documents is pointed to your network share as well. I actually remember doing that as well in college. My Win 7 desktop has the ability to have a RAID... more
              • It really didn't take long to set upPuckdropper, Wed May 23 9:58am
                I think telling the box who it is and how you want the drives configured takes about an hour. The array takes quite some time to actually build, but you don't have to do anything. Once that's done,... more
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