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Sorry my english had a bug in it...
Wed May 9, 2018 7:54pm (XFF:

I forgot to invoke the chewing and/or blending specification.

The direct to throat foods are an interesting food subtype though. Cotton Candy and Jello are good ones. Also, Ice Cream... smoothies... almost any food that you put into the blender or wash your hair with.

  • Without chewing?Puckdropper, Wed May 9 5:20pm
    That's a tough one. Cotton Candy... Jello... Hm...
    • Sorry my english had a bug in it... ☻ Retna, Wed May 9 7:54pm
      • YogurtPuckdropper, Thu May 10 9:30am
        May the Schwartz be with you!
        • * Pizzadahut! (nm)Retna, Sun May 13 2:25pm
          • RIPErik, Fri Jun 22 3:57am
            • RIP PizzaPuckdropper, Sun Sep 9 8:15am
              We brought the pizza home but somehow neglected to get it in the refrigerator. It was Pizza Hut Pizza too. :-(
              • I'm sorry for your loss... :(Erik, Wed Sep 19 5:11pm
                I remember back when I was a kid, Pizza Hut in NY used to have normal Pizza and had their own restaurants... now it seems like the only time I see Pizza Hut is as a side menu at at a Taco Bell.
                • Ours are sorta still stand-alonePuckdropper, Sun Sep 23 7:49am
                  They took the dining room out of most of them, trying to copy the Jimmy John's model. IDGI--why kill off a part of your business and turn customers away? We *won't* be ordering Pizza Hut pizza if we... more
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